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Aging is usually something that happens with everyone over time but still, we get all hyped up as soon as we even see a wrinkle on our face. Aging is a reality that we all wanna hide. Aging is a natural process after a particular time all the things start to worn out. Aging is not just considered with getting gray hair, dull skin or wrinkles, when a baby grows up to his teenage is also called aging. So it's basically a gradual process which we all go through. But there are different types of aging also let's know more about them.

Different Types of Ageing

1. Cellular aging: Cells usually age on the basis of replication. That means the more a cell is replicated the more aged it becomes. in a usual timeline, a cell can replicate its self about 50 times before the genetic material which is used for replication is no longer able to be copied precisely, which is due to sawed-off telomeres. The need for a cell to replace it is more when free radicals and other factors make damage to it.
2. Hormonal aging: In aging hormones play a vast role, most of all during childhood growth and teenaged maturity. Level of hormones fluctuates throughout life. Puberty brings skin problem like pimples and all. As we get older, hormonal changes lead to changes in biological time and skin dryness.
3. Accumulated damage: External damage is all called accumulated damage. This usually happens because of bad food habits exhibition to different types of toxins, exposing a lot in the sun, pollution, and smoke take a roll, on the body. As time passes these external factors can usher to tissue damage and then the body falls behind in its ability fo maintaining and repairing cells, tissues, and organs.
4. Metabolic aging: As we work round the day our body cell's produce energy while doing that they also release some waste material which is harmful to our body. That is why the process of metabolizing and creating energy results in damage to the body over time. Some people believe that slowing the metabolic process through different methods like calorie restriction may slow aging in humans.

Treatments Available at Clinic

There are not many treatments for aging as it is a genuine process but still, you can reduce a bit of its speed by using anti-aging creams. It is highly recommended that before using anything on your skin you should consult with your dermatologist.

Except for the anti-aging creams, there are some basic usual habits that can reduce the speed of aging.

1. Eat well: Food is one of the major factor on which our aging depends. As overtime, processed food has made a great place in our lives, it is also affecting our health drastically. Junk food is one of the main reason for hypertension and obesity. So, avoid eating junk and instead eat fresh vegetables and fruits.
2. Don't Smoke: "Smoking is injurious to health" it is a very famous quote but we still don't seem to care about it at all. As you know smoking mainly affects our kidney but along with that, it destroys our beauty our youngness. So, avoid smoking to stay healthy and beautiful.