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Pigmentation disorder causes the changes in your skin colour and in general, it is known as the spots whether it can be darker or lighter too. The special cells of the skin generate the pigments which are called melanin and it is the cause of colouring of the skin. When the melanins are damaged or unhealthy it starts generating pigmentation on your skin which darkens your skin colour. When the body of a person makes more melanins the skin becomes darker and on the other hand when the body generate the fewer melanins then the skin becomes lighter from some parts and it looks like some kind of spots on your body.

Different Types

There are multiple types of pigmentation disorder which cause the reason for the spots on the skin. Here the common types below:
1. Albinism: Albinism is an inherited disorder which is the cause of no melanin in the skin, eyes, and hair. The people who have been affected by this disorder need to use sunscreen all the time and have to take care of their skin all the time.
2. Melasma: The melasma is reflected on the forehead, chin, nose, upper lips and cheeks, it darker the skin of the particular parts marked as the tan. These are called as the pregnancy marks women who are taking birth control pills can face that disorder although men also can develop this kind of cells.
3. hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation: IIf the person has a skin infection or burns on the skin, the generation of the pigments increases or decreases according to the affected area. This hyperpigmentation is not taken place permanently but it may take a few months to be normal your skin.
4. Vitiligo: Vitiligo is the cause of light and smooth spots on the skin and it affects due to the immune system of the body attacks the pigments the decrease and increase the cells of the pigmentations. The white skin patches reflect on the back of the hands and around the mouth & eyes.

Treatments Available at Clinic

In the clinics, the treatment options which can impact your skin colouring and can make your skin pigments balanced are:

1.Lighting creams:

Lighting creams prescribed by the clinic work which the ingredients to help your pigmentation decrement and to balance the cells.

2.Face Acids:

The face acid exfoliating your old skin and the new skin layer takes place. It is only a prescribed treatment suggested by the professionals.


TDermabrasion is the treatment which removes the epidermis and helps to get you the normal skin cells and balanced also.

4.Intense pulse light therapy:

IPL therapy is a laser therapy which grows the dermis and makes the skin normal and balanced.
There are more treatments prescribed by the clinic when you contact with your concerned skin disorder.

Sittings Required

The sitting requirement for skin disorder treatment depends on the type of disorder you are facing. Usually, it takes 4 to 5 sittings and you will be fine from our side.

Post Therapy

You have to take care of the instructions given by your consultant and have to follow then at least for a few weeks as consult by your doctor.
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