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Unwanted Hair

The unwanted and excessive hair on a woman’s body is the reason which is called hirsutism. As we know all women have the hair on their body and face but these are very light in colour. The unwanted hair which grows on a woman's body is associated with virilization. The women who have associated with virtualization usually have the male hormone in her body. Hirsutism is excessive hair on the area where the hair was seen on a man.

Different Types

The reasons for having unwanted hair on a woman's body are:
● Genetics
● Certain issues in hormones or steroids
● Medical abnormalities, such as higher androgen levels (Androgen -Male Hormone)
And there are also more reasons for having the issue of excessive hair on the body.

Treatments Available at Clinic

There are many treatments available in medical science or your medical consultant can suggest you such as:

1. Depilation

The deplication is the chemical method to dissolve the hair from a particular area. The chemical methods of hair removal is an easy and painless way of hair removing fast.

2. Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal method is the long-lasting and permanent way of hair removing method which is preferred by the women who wanted to remove the hair permanently.

3. Electrolysis

There are two methods of removing hair which is: galvanic and thermolytic. Galvanic: The treatment chemically destroy the hair follicle; the process of the treatment is very slow but it is worth. Thermolytic: It is a fast method of hair removal the heat is used to destroy the hair follicle and also in this method the fewer tissues destroyed which is the best part of the method.

You can also consult with the doctor to get the oral knowledge about to control the unwanted hairs from the body and follow the doctor’s instructions to control the unwanted growth from the home with your doctor’s consultant. These are also few creams are there which helps to take the treatment at home but it must be used after the doctor’s advice.

Sittings Required

The usually sitting for the hair removal treatment required is 4 to 6 weeks and also few instructions should be followed by the people to make it perfect.

Post Therapy

The post-therapy of the hair removal required a few precautions and skin protection of the area to make the treatment done properly. You also need to take care of the given instructions to complete the therapy without any issues.