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Laser Hair Reduction

Laser hair reduction is a medical process which involves passing a concentrated light beam (laser) through different parts of the body for painless hair reduction.

Where it's used

Laser Hair Reduction can be used to reduce unwanted hair in different areas of the body like arms, legs, armpits, bikini line, shoulders, back, chin, and upper lip. It can reduce hair in any area except the eyelids, eyebrows and around the eyes.

Pre-Procedure Workup

Before getting a laser hair reduction, you need to ensure that you've no medical history of skin disorders. Apart from this, the following precautions needs to be taken: 1. Avoid over-exposure to the sun and use sunscreen daily. 2. Avoid plucking, waxing or threading the desired area 4 weeks before the treatment. 3. No blood-thinners or anti-inflammatory medicines should be used before the treatment. Additionally, shaving the treatment area, a day before will help remove the surface hair while keeping the hair follicles intact.


The doctor will use a USA FDA approved machine to pass the laser on the desired area. The doctor may apply a cool gel to protect your skin from any damage or discomfort before the treatment. Once activated, the laser will pass through your skin and be attracted to the melanin pigment in hair follicles. The hair follicles will then absorb the laser and instantly vaporize to inhibit further hair growth. The machine used by us have both in-motion and stamping mode for easy hair reduction in larger areas like legs and smaller area like the upper lip. It works on triple wavelength diodes (755nm + 810nm + 1064nm) for deeper penetration of the light beam through the tissues. This will ensure burning of the most ingrained hair follicles and work on fine hairs too.

Post Procedure WorkUp

For a day or two, you might feel a mild discomfort accompanied by occasional swelling or redness in the treated area. However, to reduce it apply moisturizers and ice pack on the affected area. If there's a severe reaction the doctor may apply steroid creams. Also, avoid direct exposure with the sun for the next month and wear broad-spectrum sunscreen every time you step out.

Side Effects

Rarely does laser hair reduction leads to any side-effects. However, the most common ones are as follows:
1. Skin Problems: Blistering, itching, scarring, redness or swelling may occur in the treated area.
2. Changes in skin colour: Temporary lightening of the skin may occur especially in people with darker skin tones.

Result Excected

The treated hair will begin falling in the next few weeks. Another session of laser treatment will be necessary after the 1st cycle as the laser affects the new hair follicles easily and leads to long-term hair reduction. This is the best method for painless hair reduction as it yields faster results in lesser time and works on fine hair too.

Sessions Required

Typically, the procedure requires 2 to 6 sessions depending on the skin tone and the area that needs to be treated.