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Aesthetics Skin Care treatment

We are sure that you all will agree to the fact that Your face turns out to be the first thing regarding you which will be noticed by others when you meet, greet or interact with them. In short, the aesthetic look of your face matters a lot towards creating a positive impact on your personality. Aesthetic dermatology is one of the major branches of dermatology which involves the skills and applications of techniques for improving the appearance of the skin, especially for the face. It also takes into consideration the overall health and body function. There various techniques that gained popularity for improving the texture and appearance of the skin. We are discussing, in brief, some of the important techniques of aesthetic dermatology. 


Peels also known as the chemical peel is a medical method that is used for improving the look and appearance of the skin of the face, neck as well as hands. Your dermatologist will first apply a chemical solution to the skin. It will help to exfoliate the skin and that will eventually peel it off. You need 6 to 10 sessions. Avoid any skin treatment before chemical peel and Ensure you Moisturize and hydrate your skin and avoid strenuous workouts, steam bath and dry saunas after the treatment. The new, clear skin which you will get will give a smooth and wrinkle- free skin younger-looking skin. You may notice Redness, Scarring and skin colour change after treatment although not compulsory.


Microdermabrasion is a popular cosmetic procedure. The specialist will remove the top layer of the skin using a small hand-managed device. Microdermabrasion is done for helping the skin to exfoliate, reducing the signs of aging, and give an even looking smooth skin. The procedure is considered very safe for any individual having any type of skin colour. Here the specialist will spray and rub fine crystals right on the skin using the wand for gentle exfoliation of the skin surface. Avoid waxing, tanning and electrolysis treatments before treatment and no sun exposure for 2 days after treatment and tanning. It will take few sittings for the complete result which can be weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly depending on the nature of the skin. Common side effects include skin tightness, redness and skin sensitivity.


Oxybrasion is another mechanical medical exfoliation process that is used for the removal of the uppermost layer in the case of dead skin cells. This process can be done on the face, hands and also on chests. It should be taken alongside the use of anti-aging products for skin care. One of the key features of this treatment is that with the very first sitting of oxybrasion session, you will get to see noticeable brightness and smooth and refreshing look. 3-10 sessions are needed and once a week. Commendable results one can notice with Oxybrasion in case of wrinkles, Seborrhea, Acne, Skin discoloration, Anti-cellulite therapy, Photoaging, and Dull skin. There are negligible side effects. Avoid any skin care treatment, makeup or steam 12 hrs and before and after the treatment.

Non-Needle Mesotherapy:

No Needle Mesotherapy, is a non-invasive method that is used for skin rejuvenation. It is undoubtedly a revolutionary technique that increases the scope of penetration and then makes even spreading of the active principles deep down the layers of the epidermis. The elements used in Mesotherapy, will repair as well as restore the look of the fine lines and fade the wrinkles of the skin. Micro-injection is used which contains a uniquely prepared mixture made of vitamins, medications and amino acids which is pushed into the skin of the problematic area. There are low risk complications associated with this treatment and needs 6 to 8 sittings. Avoid any type of facial treatment and cosmetics application on your skin before and after the treatment for minimum 2-3 days.

Microneedling Therapies: 

Microneedling is a unique therapy that is considered very safe as well as an effective process that can very well improve the look and appearance of the skin. It is a wonderful technique for the reduction of wrinkles and the lowering of scarring. It will also tighten the loose and aging skin and give a smooth and flawless look. This therapy supports in making of more collagen for your skin. Some common side effects of this treatment include bleeding, infection, bruising and peeling. You may need three to six sessions to get optimal results.   The above are some of the popular and well-known techniques which are used for improving the quality of skin to give a fresh, younger and even looking skin. Which type of treatment will be best suitable for your skin type and skin problem will be decided by the dermatologist. All discussed techniques are part of cosmetic treatment and can be done only by trained and experienced specialists.